Do Home Improvement Stores Have Better Flooring Installation?

Big Box home improvement stores outsource flooring installation to local third party contractors. Once they have your money, you’re often left on your own to manage the installation team assigned to you. And, unfortunately, most of these installation teams would not come close to meeting the standards and expertise level required at the Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company.

We’ve worked for decades with the best installation teams in the area. We carefully consider which team would be the best fit for your installation. And we manage the entire installation process. There’s no passing of responsibility to you when it comes time to installing your flooring investment.

We’re committed to our customers from start to finish, and your total satisfaction is our goal. That’s why we offer a Lifetime Installation Guarantee.

Don’t be left in the cold by big box promises. Let us show you how a professional installation is done at the Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company.