Do Blondes Have More Fun? The Benefits of Light Wood Flooring

For the past decade or so, we’ve been swept up by the popularity of rich, espresso dark wood flooring, but what about light wood flooring? These days, honey, white-washed, and even gray woods are becoming an increasingly trendy light wood flooring option. So, do blondes have more fun? Here are some of the benefits of going a shade lighter for your wood floors, from warm and classic honey to cool and modern gray.

Honey: Like honey in your tea, medium light wood flooring can add an element of warmth to a room, especially if you’re using larger wood planks. Because they’re a medium stain, honey-colored floors allow for a wonderful contrast against white, neutral, or dark-colored walls, without the starkness of a lighter-colored wood. Blonde floors give a relaxed and light feel, while still looking timeless and natural. Bamboo, maple, and white oak are great material options for honey wood floors.

light wood flooring

White Washed: Where honey grants a room warmth, whitewashed woods are perfect for a more beachy, minimalistic, or contemporary look. Also known as pickled wood flooring or pickled hardwood floors, whitewashed woods are stained white then wiped away for brightened wood without the loss of natural wood grain patterns. Whitewashed wood floors make for great contrast in rooms with rich dark wood features – think: farmhouse-style living rooms or bright and clean kitchens. Naturally, whitewashed woods make rooms look bigger and lighter. If you’re looking to line your coastal home, whitewashed woods are perfect for a crisp, summery look.

Gray: In terms of flooring color trends, gray has quickly become one of the most popular options for a sophisticated, modern look. Whether it’s sleek and shiny for a downtown Wilmington loft or weathered for a comfortable Bald Head Island beach house, gray flooring is here to stay. Gray flooring provides a neutral template for any color palette from cold aquas and greens to bold color blocks to soft neutrals.

light wood flooring

Going Blonde: The benefits of going blonde and installing light wood flooring in your home are numerous. Lighter-colored woods make rooms seem more spacious; they’re often easier to clean than hardwoods; and, depending on the shade, they’re great for warmth, contrast, or cool calm.

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