5 Ways to Increase Resale Value with Custom Flooring

If you’re looking to increase the resale value of your home, one of the first things homebuyers notice is custom flooring — or the lack of it. Stained or matted carpet is one simple reason your home may sit on the market rather than selling quick. Outdated, peeling vinyl flooring in the bathroom or kitchen may be another problem. To ensure you set the stage for potential homebuyers, here are a few ways to update your space with custom flooring.

  1. Replace damaged or outdated flooring. It’s one thing if your flooring just needs a good spot cleaning or refinishing. It’s another if potential homeowners find holes or dents in your home’s floors, or if they can’t handle the blast-from-the-past orange shag carpeting. Do a walkthrough of your home with your realtor and assess your flooring situation with a buyer’s eyes, then call Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company for a free on-site consultation. We’ll help you prioritize and plan your flooring updates.
  2. Pay special attention to high-traffic rooms. While carpeting is common in bedrooms, and a stained garage floor isn’t surprising to prospective buyers, high-traffic rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and living room deserve special attention to increase resale value. These are the rooms homebuyers are most concerned about, so make sure the flooring is clean and high quality.
  3. Choose neutrals. Simple, neutral carpeting like sisal or Berber allows for a textured, clean look that will match any style or decor. Choose neutral colors for your custom flooring, as these shades won’t narrow new homeowners’ design choices. Instead, they’ll be move-in ready.
  4. custom flooring
  5. Upgrade your wood flooring. While wood flooring is often referred to as one way to improve resale value, ultimately, both carpeting and wood flooring can increase resale value, depending on your budget and needs. If you already have wood floors, give them a quality refinishing. While hardwood flooring is a timeless, popular choice, engineered wood flooring is also a highly durable and long-lasting option.
  6. Keep it consistent. Ultimately, homebuyers are looking for a house they can walk through with ease, which is where consistency is of the utmost importance. Don’t jigsaw your home with carpet-wood-vinyl-tile flooring from room to room. As much as you can, aim for consistent flooring.