Couristan Area Rugs

For nearly a century, Couristan Area Rugs has been a purveyor beautiful Persian rugs. Since 1926, the Couri family has imported a variety of beautiful oriental carpets to the United States, bringing the magic of their exotic products to your American Dream. Today, with over 35 area rug collections imported from all over the world, Couristan brings a worldwide sense of design to you via Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company in Wilmington, NC. Each area rug is a work of art, designed and created by artisans to give your home a unique, worldly air. Couristan’s rugs range from classic Persian designs, to opulent Orientals, to casual and contemporary pieces.
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Couristan believes fully practicing their ethics, inspecting each and every facility where their area rugs are created to ensure that no child labor is ever used in their creations. Each rug is meant to be a work of art, a lifelong investment that should make you feel as good about its creation as you do about its display. To that end, each of the Couristan rug bears a label on the back, the company’s way of promising that their rugs are created in ethical conditions all over the world, from China to India, Nepal to Pakistan.

The Couristan line even includes ecologically-sound ‘green’ options that are both sustainable and eco-chic. For those who are shopping on a price point, Couristan has offered power-loomed rugs since 1961. Imported from all over Europe and Asia, not only do power-loomed rugs mean true affordable luxury, they also represent worldly flair. Available in more than 36 shades of color, these area rugs are a true innovation in construction and design. Far more than just nice to look at, the Chalet Collection provides floor coverings of cowhide leather, for an ecologically sourced rug, while the Covington Collection is intended for hard-wear areas of your home. Each collection is focused on meeting your unique floor covering needs.
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