Coastal Flooring Ideas: The “Island Getaways” Edition

Southeastern North Carolina is well-known for its white sand coastline — but did you know that a lot of those pristine beaches are actually located on small coastal islands? Most of these barrier islands are located between Brunswick County in the south and Onslow County in the north, and they all have their own unique spirit.

It can be difficult to decide where to build your island getaway. As lifetime coastal Carolinians, we’re here to help you out! Take a look at our quick primer to three barrier islands and the ideal coastal flooring choice for each.

Topsail Island

Topsail Island is a 26-mile barrier island located in both Onslow County and Pender County. It’s home to Topsail Beach and Surf City. Like Bald Head Island to the south, Topsail Island is a sea turtle protection site, and there are four protected nesting locations on the island. Topsail is also known as being the legendary site of Blackbeard’s treasure—though no one has found it yet!

If Topsail Island, with its mix of maritime forests, environmental protection, and pirate lore, sounds like the perfect place for your island retreat, we recommend outfitting your home with engineered wood. Why?

Coastal Flooring Ideas: #1—Benefits of Engineered Wood

  • Made of real wood—but engineered to be harder and moisture-resistant
  • Eco-friendly! Can be engineered from renewable woods, such as bamboo or other woven woods
  • Will not swell or warp
  • Adds stability to the floor—very helpful on soft-soil barrier islands!
  • Easier to install and more cost-effective than solid hardwood

Figure Eight Island

Figure Eight Island is New Hanover County’s most luxurious summer colony. It’s a private island just north of Wrightsville Beach that is only accessible via a guarded swing bridge. Due to the island’s devotion to its residents’ privacy, it’s a trendy destination for celebrities, politicians, and wealthy North Carolinians. It’s also the kind place where style is as important as the relaxation afforded by its quiet white-sand beaches.

If Figure Eight Island is the luxe getaway location of your dreams, we suggest going for a classic, sophisticated look and installing porcelain tile in your new home. Why?

Coastal Flooring Ideas: #2—Benefits of Porcelain Tile

  • Tougher, more scratch- and stain-resistant than ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain tile is much denser than ceramic tile, which makes it vastly more moisture-resistant
  • Non-porous and easy to clean
  • Low-maintenance—will last a lifetime!
  • Wide variety of choices in style and appearance—can match any home décor

Oak Island

Oak Island, NC, is a small barrier island that contains the towns of Oak Island and Caswell Beach. It’s considered part of the Myrtle Beach Metropolitan Area, and the island’s main industry is, unsurprisingly, tourism. When you arrive, it feels like a childhood beach trip—nostalgic in all the right ways. It’s the kind of place where bikes with baskets and bells, soft-serve cones, and mini-golf feel right at home.

Is Oak Island your ideal isle haven? If you’re planting your roots on this island, we suggest installing luxury vinyl tile in your new coastal home. Why?

Coastal Flooring Ideas: #3—Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile Benefits

  • Waterproof and stain-resistant
  • Infinitely customizable—if you can picture it, luxury vinyl tile-makers can create it
  • Remarkably realistic by sight, and 3D printing technologies have made mimicking texture a breeze, too
  • More cost-effective than tile or hardwood
  • Much simpler maintenance than hardwood or tile

Ready to design and build your dream island getaway? Visit Crystal Carpet and Flooring today to inspect (and feel) our coastal flooring recommendations for yourself.