Choosing hallway or entryway rugs is no easy task. It’s like rolling out the red carpet for your guests, the first thing many people see upon entering your house. But hallway rugs have a unique set of requirements and considerations that aren’t the same as the ones we might be familiar with for area rugs or carpeting.

Color: One of the first things homeowners often consider is the color of their entryway rug. While it’s tempting to pick a pale grey or neutral beige that might match other household carpets, or dovetail nicely with your home decorating aesthetic, the hallway rug will take some wear and tear. Consider a darker color less likely to show soil.

Pattern: Don’t be afraid of big, bold prints on your entryway rug! This is a great place to set the tone for your entire house, and bring in color and design elements you’ve been thinking about highlighting. Additionally, a bold print can do wonders for concealing inevitable soil in high-traffic areas.

Traffic: Consider the unique kinds of traffic a hallway rug encounters. This narrow space of your home will see family traffic on multiple occasions each and every day, and higher amounts during parties or other home events. More than any other part of your home, entryway rugs experience traffic from shoes, and possible soil and damaging elements from the outdoors.

Upkeep: Also keep in mind the materials from which your entryway rug is made. More than area rugs, hallway rugs will need frequent cleaning and treating. Give the rug a solid vacuuming once a week, and immediately after any high-traffice events. If you notice debris such as pebbles or leaves settling into the rug, take it outdoors and thoroughly shake it.

Allergies: Many family members have allergies that might be affected by the materials in some natural rugs. Check to see if your rug is synthetic or natural prior to purchase, and ensure that materials like wool won’t be triggering to anyone’s allergies when it comes time for cleaning and handling.

Safety: Safety first! On slick hardwood floors, or in damp or icy conditions, a slippery entryway rug can be dangerous for kids, pets, and the elderly. Install a non-slip mat underneath your hallway rug, which will enable you to choose from any rug you like, even those without a backing. Some hallway rugs come pre-backed, with safety in mind.

Surya Rugs available at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company

Surya Rugs available at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company

Scale: Lastly, just like with area rugs, keep the rug size proportional. A large set of double doors with a foyer can benefit from an entryway rug that is large enough for the space. Conversely, a small entryway will become quite crowded by an oversize rug, and may just need a narrower hallway rug.

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