Cheap Carpet for Rental Properties: Is It A Good Idea?

There’s a big debate going on today in the rental industry. Is it better to use a low-cost carpet that you’ll need to replace frequently, or to invest in a higher-quality hardwood or laminate? It might seem like an easy answer, but it’s more complicated than it seems at first glance. When you own a rental property — or rent a home via or — the considerations you want to keep in mind while shopping are a little different than when you’re looking for yourself. We’re going to tackle a few of them below.

  • Wear and Tear

    When it comes to rental properties, this is the big one! And it’s certainly true that both sides have perks. If you’re looking for durability, hardwood or laminate flooring might be the way to go. It involves more work and higher costs upfront, but your time investment in terms of maintenance and upkeep should be quite low.

    cheap carpet or hardwood floors for rental properties

    On the other hand, while cheap carpet is much less durable than hardwood or laminate flooring, it’s also much less costly to replace. And the truth is, hardwoods and laminates don’t always last as long as they should in a rental property. Between the possibility of stains, scratches, and warping on the hardwood, or cracking and tearing of laminate products — not to mention the noise of both — there’s no guarantee that your investment will stand the test of time, especially if your property is one that sees a lot of turnover.

  • Noise

    Here’s where cheap carpet comes solidly in the “pro” column. Carpet is a sound buffer, and hardwoods and laminates are well known to carry sound. If your rental property houses more than one family (or if you’re renting a room in your own house), creating that noise buffer can mean the difference between a quiet, happy life and major tenant strife.

  • Renter Preferences / Rental Rate

    The current trend in low-cost flooring is that carpet is out and hardwood is in. When tenants view a space, they want the quality of the space to be reflected in the rental rate, and the preferences of your ideal tenant should drive the investments you make in your property. If you want to charge a luxury price for your rental property, hardwood or laminates might be the way to go.

    However, tenants in luxury rentals don’t always stay long-term. They typically opt to buy their own space to put those high rental fees to better use. If you’re more interested in getting long-term tenants at a lower price point, cheap carpet might be the best bet.

If you’re looking for low-cost carpet or other low-cost flooring options, we can help! At Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company, we have a warehouse outlet located right behind our showroom. Because we’re able to buy overruns on carpet and flooring at an exceptionally low cost, we like to pass those savings onto our customers. In our warehouse, you can find carpet and flooring for 75-80% less than it might cost in a retail store.

discount carpet warehouse at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company

If you’re in a hurry, you can even walk in, pick something out, and have the apartment carpeted that very same day. Don’t believe us? Stop by today to see for yourself!

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