6 Tips for Choosing Carpets: Wilmington, NC

There are so many reasons to enjoy carpet in your home. Beautiful color options, luxurious textile choices, and softness under your feet for comfort and safety. But when it comes to choosing carpets, the options can seem endless, and even overwhelming. Thankfully, our carpet experts at the Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company showroom in Wilmington, NC have six tips for choosing carpets for your home.

Pick Proper Padding — Typically, when people try and save a few dollars on carpets, they skimp on the padding. But padding is one of the keys to preserving your carpets! Not only does padding provide cushioning for your feet, it also protects your carpet from wear and tear. If you’re looking for a sleek, modern look, padding can conceal imperfections in the base flooring to keep carpets looking sharp.

carpets wilmington nc padding

Choose Professional Installation — First time buyers are occasionally tempted to install carpets themselves (How hard could it be?), but we recommend investing just a little bit more in having them professionally installed (Harder than you might think!). Professional installation avoids many of the pitfalls that cause people dissatisfaction with carpets, such as lumps, bumps, or lifted edges. Getting carpet installed by a quality provider is more likely to result in satisfaction for years to come. Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company offers its customers a Lifetime Installation Warranty.

carpets wilmington nc professional installation

Keep Maintenance In Mind — Different carpets require different levels of maintenance to keep them looking fresh and vibrant. When choosing carpets, keep in mind how often they will need professional cleaning, or even regular vacuuming. Don’t choose a pale, high pile carpet if you’re not up to the task of keeping it clean!

Consider Your Lifestyle — Where are the carpets being placed? Who uses that room? Kids? Pets? Elderly or mobility-impaired family members who might have specific needs? It seems obvious, but the way the carpets you choose feel and behave underneath your feet is something to consider.

carpets wilmington nc

No Matter What Color You Choose, Think Green – More and more homeowners are thinking eco-friendliness when it comes to choosing carpets. Carpets that are made with low VOCs or voliatile organic compounds can improve not just the health of the planet and the ecological footprint of your home, but also create a happier, healthier living space for you and your family.

Natural or Synthetic — Choosing carpets also involves choosing from dozens of varieties of carpet fiber. Carpets are made from everything from ancient, renewable plants to state-of-the-art, space-age technologies. Take time to talk to your carpet professional and get an idea of all of your options. From stain-resistant to impossibly soft, the type of fiber you choose for your carpet can set the tone of your home.

By now you’re hopefully feeling a bit less overwhelmed when it comes to choosing carpets. Have any more questions? Head to the Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company Showroom in Wilmington, NC and we’ll help you pick the perfect carpet option for you.

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