Carpet Remnants

How much do you know about carpet remnants? Many people think of a carpet remnant as a small piece of carpet left over when carpet has been cut for a room or a house. Not true! That’s a common misconception.

The term ‘carpet remnant’ applies to carpet pieces or rolls of varying sizes.  They can be leftover after large-scale carpet installations, or after manufacturers have sold the majority of a roll and want to make room for new stock.  Because carpet remnants are essentially manufacturers’ or carpet retailers’ leftovers,  customers benefit from great carpets at a fraction of their suggested retail prices.  Looking for a large selection of carpet remnants in Wilmington, NC?  At Crystal Carpets & Flooring Company, we carry a variety of affordable option for our customers.

How can you use carpet remnants?

Carpet remnants are not just for small jobs. You can re-carpet your entire home using our carpet remnants. Many of the carpet remnant rolls we have in stock are large enough to cover several rooms or more. You can buy as much as you need. Whether you need 2,000 sq. ft. or 200 sq. ft., our carpet remnants are a great option.

Where do remnants come from?

We are a local business, but we belong to several larger buying groups.  As members of these buying groups, we are able to get the highest quality carpets at deeply discounted prices directly from carpet manufacturers.  Then, we pass those savings on to you.  You may be surprised to find that our prices are much better than our “big box store” competitors.

What kinds of remnants do we have in stock in our Wilmington, NC warehouse?

Buying a carpet remnant doesn’t mean you’re limited to only a few color options or styles. We have carpet remnants in dozens of different colors, patterns, textures and materials at varying price points.  Whether you’re a builder, a landlord, an interior designer or a homeowner, we have carpet remnants in our 10,000 square-foot warehouse that will work for you. Come by and tour our warehouse stocked with affordable carpet remnant options for your floors.

How are carpet remnants installed?

Carpet remnants are installed in exactly the same manner as traditional, larger volume carpets. Carpet remnants must be sized, or cut, to the exact dimensions required for the room where they will be installed. They require a carpet pad and should be professionally installed.

If looking to turn a carpet remnant into an area rug, the carpet remnants must be bound on the edges. At Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company, we  have our own professional binding machines in-house to help you create the area rug you desire.

What are the benefits of buying carpet remnants from us?

Affordability, selection and excellent customer service! With our value priced remnants, our wide array of carpet options, and our expert installation, you can trust Crystal Carpet and Flooring with your next flooring choice.

What carpet brands do we carry?

We carry many prestige carpet and flooring brands, including Mohawk, Shaw, Beaulieu (discontinued June 2018), Stanton, and many others.  Whatever your carpet and flooring needs, visit our showroom and warehouse on Oleander Drive in Wilmington, NC today.