Carpet Installation

How does the professional carpet installation process work?

At Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company, we offer full service installation that eliminates unnecessary work for you. You get what we call “turnkey carpet installation” in the flooring industry. Carpet installation at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company includes:

  • Accurate Room Measurements
  • Furniture Moving (Before and After Installation)
  • Carpet Removal and Safe Disposal of Your Old Carpet
  • High Quality Carpet Installation from Our Expert Team Based in Wilmington, NC
  • A Lifetime Installation Warranty

Let’s explore each of these items in more detail:

Accurate Room Measurements

After you’ve called us or visited our showroom, the next step in the carpet installation process is to measure the rooms where your new carpet will be installed. Accurate measurements are key when installing carpet, so a member of our experienced sales team will come to your property to do the initial measurements. After measuring your space, our sales professionals can help you determine exactly how much carpet and padding you will need and how much it will cost.  Carpet is manufactured in rectangular sections, so you may need to order slightly more carpet if your room has an unusual shape, or if the carpet needs to extend into a hallway or closet.

Furniture Moving (Before and After Installation)

Our professional installation team will also move most of your home’s furniture.  We do ask that you remove any knickknacks, books, or decorative objects before the installation team arrives.   Although our professional installers will gladly move any standard furniture (beds, sofas, chairs, tables, entertainment centers, etc.), our team is not able to move specialty pieces like aquariums or pianos.

Carpet Removal and Safe Disposal of Your Old Carpet

There’s no need for you to worry about disposing of your carpet safely or whether or not your trash service will accept your old carpet and padding.  Our professional carpet installation team will haul your old carpet and padding away and be sure that it is hauled to the proper facility.

High Quality Carpet Installation from Our Expert Team Based in Wilmington, NC

While you may not think of your carpet as a piece of artwork, installing carpet requires craftsmanship, experience, and skill.  Carpet installation requires professional tools and knowledge about cutting carpet. At Crystal Carpet & Flooring, we work with a group of local installers who have been part of our flooring team for decades. They know how to eliminate common mistakes and minimize seams for a pleasing look. With our carpet installation team, you can be sure that your floors will be installed correctly and quickly.

A Lifetime Installation Warranty

We warranty our installation for the lifetime of your carpet.  If a seam comes loose or the carpet stretches, we will return to correct any problems that can arise with wear and tear at no cost to you.  With our years of experience in the Wilmington, NC community and emphasis on affordability and quality, you can trust us with your new carpet installation.  Because it is our goal is make sure you are pleased with your floor’s performance for years to come, we warranty our carpet installation for the life of the carpet. From the underlying layers to the final finish, we can help you make an informed decision about your floors.