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Cover Spaces with a Ceramic Tile from Wilmington NC

Ceramic tiles have been around since their use by early Hellenic cultures as roofing for homes. Today, these materials are often used to grace the floors of rooms or to pave outdoor areas. With proper maintenance, ceramic tiles can last for decades, and maintain their decorative appearance.

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Best Flooring for Rental Property

We get asked the question all the time, “What is the best flooring for rental property?” We decided to share with our readers our expertise about carpet for your rental property. Basically, you have a few choice to choose from. When putting flooring in a rental, you

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5 Reasons to Choose Ceramic Floor Tile

You can’t go wrong with ceramic floor tile when you’re looking for a flooring solution that offers beauty, durability and versatility. Here in the Wilmington area, ceramic tile is found in homes large and small, contemporary, modern and traditional. You can create a charming, homey look, a sophisticated,

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