What are the best uses for engineered wood floors?

Here are our top suggestions for when engineered wood might be the best flooring choice for you:

You Own a Rental Property

A tenant’s pets, children, or lifestyle choices can all be risk factors to the flooring in your rental property. Carpeting often requires replacement each time tenants move out, and hardwood flooring can seem like an expensive investment for tenants who may abuse it. Engineered wood flooring is the perfect solution:

The scratch-resistant properties of engineered wood floors are widely known, with advances in technology making these floors harder and stronger all the time. The top layer of engineered wood flooring, a layer of solid hardwood known as the ‘wear layer,’ preserves the look and the durability of the floor. The wear layer is also capable of being fully sanded and refinished, allowing you to refresh your rental property without investing in completely new floors.

You Need Flooring in Your Basement or Ground-Floor Property

The moisture and humidity potential in basements or ground-level properties can wreak havoc on carpet or traditional hardwood floors. In a high-moisture situation, carpet can find itself ruined with mold, and hardwood can be warped beyond repair.

Engineered wood flooring was developed with the moisture of concrete in mind. A flood is dangerous for any floor, but engineered flooring can withstand the general humidity of damp environments far more than hardwood. For areas with extremely high levels of humidity, floating engineered hardwood floors can mitigate moisture damage thanks to plastic vapor barriers.

You Are Looking for a More Environmentally Sustainable Option

Engineered wood flooring is a perfect alternative for those who want the look of hardwood, but are concerned about deforestation or chemical-based adhesives. Engineered wood flooring uses about a quarter of the new wood that solid plank hardwoods use, enabling better forest stewardship.

Many of the thin wooden layers sandwiched in to make strong engineered wood floors are made from reclaimed hardwood. Finally, engineered wood floors utilize a locking system, omitting the need for possibly harmful adhesives.

You Are Looking for a Cost-Effective Wood Floor

Lastly, engineered wood floors are available at a fraction of the cost of solid plank hardwood, and are nearly indistinguishable. The ability to used reclaimed woods and thin layers reduces cost, making wood flooring available to consumers and homeowners like never before.

Finally, installing solid wood flooring in some areas can be a massive undertaking, but engineered wood flooring provides a faster, easier, more cost-effective solution. With refinishing ability, scratch-resistant properties and unprecedented hardness, the engineered wood flooring available at Crystal Carpet and Flooring in Wilmington, NC, is a true value.