The Best Flooring Choices for Aging in Place

Three out of four adults want to age in place at home, a goal which can be accomplished with the best flooring choices for aging bodies. Homeowners who suffer from joint pain, back pain, and mobility issues can attest that the wrong flooring can exacerbate these issues, while more forgiving flooring materials can make a world of difference. Here are our top recommendations for the best flooring choices for aging in place. They’ll help you or your loved ones stay at home as long as possible by making every room friendlier with time.

For Easy Maintenance: Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is one of the best flooring options for homes inhabited by seniors. It’s often confused with laminate options, but it’s not the same. Luxury Vinyl Plank uses a fiberboard core to soften the impact of each step. It also mimics the wood-grain appearance of hardwood while maintaining water-resistant properties that hardwood doesn’t offer.

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LVP flooring is easy on walking assistance devices like walkers and wheelchairs. It is long-lasting, and it comes in a variety of styles.

For Pain Relief: Cork

Cork flooring is another option to consider for aging in place. It’s a soft wood that cushions the impact of each step by bending to added weight. This minor shock absorption reduces knee and joint pain, which is often an issue for aging individuals.

COREtec Nantucket Oak

COREtec© Nantucket Oak

Cork is also naturally antimicrobial due to its natural waxy suberin coating, a plus for those wanting to age in place. People become more susceptive to illness over time because the immune system breaks down with age, but cork flooring can prevent the growth of bacteria in your home and help keep you healthy.

For Extra Comfort: Carpet

Carpet has a traditional appearance that many homeowners enjoy in their bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms. It adds minor insulation to homes and warms feet in the winter, along with providing slight cushioning in the case of a fall.

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Remember, however, that not all carpets are the same. Short-cut to mid-pile carpeting is smooth and even. The fibers are tighter, so the surface is easier to navigate with canes and walkers. Plush or high-pile carpets may cause frequent tripping, which is the leading cause of injury for adults over 65 years of age.

Consider Your Options

These are the best flooring choices for aging in place well beyond retirement. If you care for an elderly loved one or want to prepare your home for the future, visit our showroom to view our collection of luxury vinyl, cork, and other impact-absorbing flooring options.