Armstrong LVP Flooring

Armstrong LVP Flooring at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company

With 61 different plank styles, textures, and colors, Armstrong LVP Flooring offers some of the most durable and well-designed luxury vinyl planks in the market. Armstrong Flooring started as a cork-cutting shop, and they have grown exponentially since then. Despite its tremendous growth, Armstrong has maintained a customer-focused mission: “let the buyer have faith”. Rather than letting the buyer beware, or purchase at their own risk, Thomas Armstrong stood behind his products, company and people, giving customers confidence and peace of mind in all aspects of the quality and suitability of their purchases. His philosophy has made Armstrong one of the most trusted flooring brands in history.

In any room, floors experience a lot of life. In the kitchen, they get spilled over and danced upon; in the bedroom, they hold beds and dressers; and in the bathroom, they hold our feet while we look in the mirror, brush our teeth, groom our hair, and prepare for the day. Armstrong LVP flooring offers luxury vinyl plank that can support life’s daily activities. Each plank is made of four layers: the protective wear, the high-resolution appearance design, the resilient core, and the backing. Armstrong LVP flooring appears as sleek as real hardwood. But with a resistance to water and general wear, these planks will last for a long time.

Armstrong Flooring has three collections of luxury vinyl plank: Audacity, Natural Elements, and Natural Element Cush ’n’ Plank. Natural Elements is their largest collection, with a variety of 29 different planks. In shades of grey, brown, red, white, and blonde, the Natural Elements collections looks like hardwood, but is better protected and less expensive. All the planks in the Natural Elements collection are 2.0 mm thick, and the plank thickness is what differentiates them from the Natural Elements Cush ‘n’ Plank collection.

Armstrong LVP Flooring at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company

In the Cush ‘n’ Plank collection, the vinyl maintains its hardwood appearance, but provides buyers with a 5 mm thickness, which keeps the floors quiet. Ideal for apartments, condos, and especially close neighbors, the 5 mm thickness disguises the thump of heavy steps, dropped bowls, and energetic dogs by reducing the passage of sound. For those who love to be barefoot, the 5 mm thickness gives toes a little more cushion and warmth. Available in 25 different options, the Cush ‘n’ Plank also comes in shades of grey, brown, red, white, and blonde.

The Audacity laminate collection features a natural wood fiber floor that combines the rigidity and scratch resistance of laminate with the dimensional stability of luxury vinyl products. This Armstrong LVP flooring collection features 7 styles of 5 mm planks in shades of brown, grey, and a red/blonde blends to create a traditional wood feel.

True to Thomas Armstrong’s promise, all of Armstrong Flooring’s durable luxury vinyl are available in various colors, textures, and levels of thickness. Centrally located on Oleander Drive in Wilmington, Crystal Carpet & Flooring can help you find which Armstrong flooring collection will work best in your home. Visit our showroom or request more info today!