Wool Rugs

At Crystal Carpet & Flooring, we carry a wide selection of beautiful rugs and carpets. One stylish and versatile flooring choice is wool. From its origins as a luxury material centuries ago, wool remains a stellar option for many homeowners. Whether you want to carpet your entire home in wool, or you are looking for wool rugs to complement your wood or tile flooring, we can help you chose a beautiful wool product.

Why choose wool?

Wool rugs have been the carpet of choice for many centuries. Durable and beautiful, traditional Persian and Turkish rugs were woven from high-quality wool. Wool remains a stylish rug and carpet option today, available in all kinds of patterns and colors that will fit with your home’s décor. Want a fashionable modern rug for your living and dining areas? Choose a colorful and graphic wool rug to match your art and furnishings. From traditional formal rugs to playful styles for your teen’s room, wool is versatile and cozy.

Wool’s comfort is unparalleled. Unlike synthetics, it will always feel soft and warm underfoot. Additionally, when compared to synthetic rugs, wool is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

How does wool hold up to wear?

Although their price point is more expensive than other materials, wool rugs are actually more affordable in the long run, because they last longer and look better with years of use and wear and tear. This is because wool doesn’t compress and lose its shape like other carpet and flooring materials. Instead, wood holds on to its texture, even with gentle cleaning.

Other benefits of wool?

Wool is an extremely durable material that wears more beautifully than comparable synthetic options. It is also fire-resistant. And because it is a natural, renewable material, wool is an environmentally friendly decorating choice. Go green with wool! For those with allergies and sensitivities, wool is a non-allergenic material and can be cleaned with gentler products.

From its environmental benefits to its durability, wool is a popular flooring choice for many homes. Come browse our large showroom and warehouse outlet to learn about all the options available for your home. Visit Crystal Carpet & Flooring today!