Indoor | Outdoor Rugs

At Crystal Carpet & Flooring, we help you bring the outside in with indoor-outdoor carpeting. Many of us associate indoor-outdoor carpet and rugs with the funky plastic green styles of the 1970s. But today’s indoor-outdoor carpet is available in all kinds of shades, materials, and styles for your basement, patio, sunroom or deck. At Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company, we can help you choose the best indoor-outdoor flooring option for your home and outdoor areas.

Why choose indoor-outdoor rugs?

Indoor-outdoor carpet is great for high-traffic areas and areas that may be prone to dampness. If you like to entertain on your deck or patio, but dislike the cold, hard surfaces of wood and concrete, then indoor-outdoor rugs are a great option for you. Resistant to spills and moisture, indoor-outdoor rugs can give you the luxurious feel of indoor comfort outside. And, current styles are far more versatile and fashionable than the options you remember.

Where can you put indoor-outdoor rugs?

Indoor-outdoor carpeting is easy to clean, gentle on feet, and family-friendly. It is ideal for outdoor living spaces like sunrooms, patios and decks and high-traffic areas inside the home like foyers, laundry rooms, kitchens, and playrooms that need durable, traffic-friendly spill-resistant carpeting.

For rooms indoors, consider mid and high-grade plush indoor-outdoor rugs. Berber with marine backing is recommended for basements, as it resists moisture. Do you have an outdoor shower or deck that needs comfortable flooring? Carpets with marine-grade backing are the best option for areas that need to stand up to exposure to water and the elements.

What varieties of indoor-outdoor carpet are available?

Softer, plush options (mid and high-grade) are great for indoor use and are available in a multitude of finishes, colors, and dimensions. New neutral colors and subtle patterns make for a sophisticated finish. From stylish chevrons to soft taupes, these indoor-outdoor carpets will fit with your home’s well-chosen décor.

Want to bring back that retro look? Choose grass indoor-outdoor carpet, available in both high and low-grade materials. These styles mimic the fresh colors of a summer lawn, so they are ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces that need to blend with landscaping. High-grade marine carpeting has a special backing, which makes it the best option for all-weather exposure.

Smaller indoor-outdoor rugs are another great option. They are often washable for easy cleaning and available in countless patterns and sizes, from small runners to room-sized rugs.

Visit our extensive showroom and warehouse outlet today to see more styles of carpet and flooring. As a local business, at Crystal Carpet & Flooring, we pride ourselves on providing expert service, competitive pricing, and backed with a lifetime installation warranty. Come see us to find your new floor today!