Cotton Rugs

Cozy and comfortable, as the advertisements say: “cotton is the fabric of our lives”. You’ll find cotton throughout your home, even under your feet! At Crystal Carpet & Flooring, our customers in the Wilmington, NC area are increasingly choosing cotton rugs because they are versatile, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Why Choose Cotton Rugs?

In today’s modern homes, homeowners are looking for fashionable, yet family-friendly options. Thanks to a vast color palette and affordable pricing, cotton rugs fit the bill. Whether you prefer traditional plaids, snazzy stripes, or fun florals, there is a cotton rug for you. Cotton rugs are available in many shapes and sizes; from entryway runners to living room showpieces, we can help you find the ideal cotton rug for your room.

Types of Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs are made in a variety of styles and weights. Heavyweight cotton rugs can replicate the luxurious look of traditional oriental rugs. Some woven cotton area rugs are lightweight and ideal the casual, coastal look that many of our customers prefer since they own homes near Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach or the other beaches on the coast of Southeastern North Carolina. Thicker hooked cotton and chenille rugs have an earthier, bohemian look or traditional, formal appeal, depending on the combination of textures, colors, and patterns you select. The options in cotton are endless!

How to Clean Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs can be easily cleaned using a variety of cleaning products. Cotton rugs without backing can even be washed, which is an excellent for busy households with young children. Pet owners find that cotton can be cleaned of pet hair and dirt more easily than other types of rugs. And, since cotton holds color, it can take a lot of wear and tear without fading or damage.

More Benefits of Cotton

As anyone who has a favorite cotton t-shirt knows, cotton is breathable and easy-to-wear. Cotton rugs are equally lightweight and eco-friendly. Many homeowners prefer natural flooring materials for their homes, because they care about the environment. Cotton is a renewable biodegradable material, making it a wonderful “green” flooring solution. Because it is not synthetic and can be washed without damage, cotton is also a great choice for homes with allergy sufferers or those sensitive to chemicals.

At Crystal Carpet & Flooring, we have an extensive showroom and warehouse outlet with a variety of rug options. Visit us today to learn more about our fashionable cotton rugs and cotton flooring choices.