Whether you are staging a home to be sold, fixing up a commercial place, or your own home, area rugs make a great statement for the interior areas you are designing.  Today there are more choices when it comes to area rugs than it has ever been.  As well the manufactures has started merchandising them on display racks so the customers can see much more area rugs.

Crystal Carpet had a Rug Outlet with over $200,000 worth of stock area rugs back in 1999.  Now we have even more selection with the display rack & our rug fabrication area & less than a tenth of stock area rugs than we did back then.  If you can’t find a rug that fits your style with in our selection, they most likely don’t make it.

You can make your area look like a designer designed it with some of the fashionable styles of area rugs.  You could make such a huge statement with the right area rug.  A few beautiful area rug will make a home with neutral tones throughout look like a art gallery.  Many people use area rugs as their art.

Many home staging companies have a great inventory of area rugs to make the homes they stage.  Area Rugs are a simple way to add character & class to a home or business.  So when your need some spicing up in your interior, stop by or call us at Crystal Carpets.  We are Wilmington’s source for great area rugs at great prices.