Anderson Hardwood Floors

Anderson Hardwood

A hardwood floor lends a sense of durability, stability, and classic value. Flooring industry leader Anderson Hardwood embodies all of this and more, while spearheading key innovations in home flooring. Born of innovative solutions with a classic American style, Anderson Hardwood flooring is available for homeowners in Wilmington, NC.

AA727_07000_FrenchQuarter_BourbonSt_RMHardwood today has been vastly improved by the invention of Cross-Locked Engineered flooring, initially developed by L.W. Anderson, founder of Anderson Hardwood. Cross-Locked Engineered flooring utilizes the natural grain direction of five separate wood types to create a strength and durability on par with steel. Cross-Locked Engineered flooring also uses a fraction of the raw wood of solid floor types, and allows for direct adhesion with concrete flooring. Anderson has continued to innovate ever since, with new finishes and lusters consistently raising the industry bar with regard to preservation and protection of hardwood flooring.

Offerings such as Virginia Vintage rely on the eye’s desire for natural variation in floors to provide a classic look with modern durability, whereas offerings such as EnCore are all modern. Designed to be higher density than most core-board floors, EnCore is intended for full-contact living on your floors. LusterLock takes that to the next level, demonstrating up to six times more resistance to scuffs, wear, and tear than other leading national brands. While Anderson Hardwood values the durability approach, lines like the color-rich Elements and stylish French Quarter prove that one need not sacrifice aesthetic in the quest for fine hardwood flooring in Wilmington, NC.

The durability and style of Anderson Hardwood floors come together in our very own Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company showroom on Oleander Drive, right here in Wilmington, NC.