9 Easy and Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Surplus Flooring

Installing a new floor is bound to leave you with some leftover flooring lengths. Don’t throw them away, though! You’ll want to hold on to some to replace damaged areas in the future. And you can put the rest of those surplus flooring planks to use, via these eco-friendly home-improvement ideas.

  1. Craft new cabinet doors. Cut the tongues off of some unfinished hardwood planks, arrange the boards over your cabinets—groove-side in to capture the panel—and secure with glue and screws.
  2. Make wainscoting.  Remove the base molding on your walls. Cut tongue-and-groove planks to the appropriate length, vertically, and use construction adhesive to glue them to the wall. Toenail each tongue at the top and bottom. Now reinstall that base trim.
  3. Build simple furniture, such as coffee tables. Fit together planks as desired, and secure from underneath with scrap-wood braces. Make sure to cut off the outside tongue and groove! Now stain the edges to match. You can always add prefab table legs.
  4. Create a picture frame. Cut the tongue off of a length of flooring, turn it groove-side in, and cut four pieces to fit the size of the glass that will rest in the channels. Nail frame pieces together and finish the edges. Screw a block of scrap wood into the back.
  5. Make a doormat. We like this idea from ThisOldHouse.com.  Cut lengths to 18 inches, and drill four evenly-spaced quarter-inch holes through the side of each plank. String rope through the holes and tie a half hitch between each board, and at the ends. Make sure to situate your mat in a sheltered area!
  6. Smooth wallpaper. Run the tongue of a plank across the wallpaper, pressing it down. Work from the center of the edges to remove air bubbles.
  7. Level soil or sand before laying a brick or stone path. Drag a piece of tongue-side-down flooring on the ground, until the base has been evened out.
  8. Create painted wall art. Time to get creative! Glue leftover floor boards together, into your desired shape and size. Then simply paint, stencil, or transfer an image onto the wood. Fasten some picture hangers, and you’re done. This is a great way to give a room some vintage flair. (You can also use squares of linoleum to make print stencils.)
  9. Craft a T-Square. Lay a short piece of wood perpendicular to a longer length. Fasten together with nuts and bolts. You can use your new T to draw layout lines on sheet goods, and also as a cutting guide. (In fact, this T-square may help with many of the above projects!)

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