5 Reasons You Might Want Discount Carpet

At Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company, we believe that luxury carpet is worth every penny, most of the time. There are, however, some instances where discount carpet might actually be the best option. Here are just a few situations where discount carpet is a great idea:

  1. Kids’ Rooms
    Let’s face it: Kids are messy. When they’re young, they spend most of their time on the floor. It’s just not feasible to replace a nice carpet every time your kid accidentally stains it. So, in kids’ rooms, when you opt for discount carpet, you’re really doing yourself a favor. (Hint: Another great discount carpet option for kids? Carpet tiles.)
  2. couple rolling out some discount carpet

  3. Rental Properties
    Maybe you’ve got a beach house, basement studio, or even an entire apartment building that you rent out. The unavoidable downside of owning a rental property is that the wear-and-tear builds up much faster when you’ve got tenants moving in and out, and carpet replacements can get costly fast. In situations like these, it’s a reasonable financial decision to look for a low-grade, long-term discount carpet option that won’t break the bank every time you need to replace it.
  4. Basement / Workshop / Mudroom
    What do these rooms have in common? They’re not showrooms. When you outfit these kinds of rooms with discount carpet, it won’t matter if the kids track in mud, you spill oil or paint in your workshop, or the basement becomes a dusty repository of art supplies and memorabilia you want to save but don’t want to display. The truth is, some rooms are meant to get dirty, so it’s a smart move to prioritize your peace of mind and avoid installing high-quality carpet.
  5. New Homeowner on a Budget
    You’re newlyweds. You’ve scrounged enough money together to buy your first home, and you’re thrilled to have a place of your own to start your lives together. But your budget doesn’t yet match your luxe décor dreams. That’s okay! Discount carpet is the perfect option for those first few years in a new place. That way, you can replace it with no guilt as soon as you’ve saved up a little more.
  6. Pet Palace
    In your house, Fluffy is king. You’ve built him the ultimate pet palace, a little room where he can be happy and comfortable and scratch up all the furniture. We know exactly how you feel—our pets deserve carpet to keep their little paws warm…but that doesn’t mean they deserve high-end carpet. Do yourself a favor and go discount for your animal pals.

So, where can you find top-notch discount carpet? Behind our showroom, we have a 12,000 square foot warehouse outlet that has a huge selection of carpet remnants and carpet rolls, all for a heavily discounted price. Stop by today — we can’t wait to show you around!

discount carpet warehouse at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company