Choosing the Right Sized Area Rug for Your Space

Drawing a blank when it comes to redecorating a room? An area rug can be the perfect way to spruce up a drab room, insulate your home, or just give a warm place for bare feet to stand.  Additionally,  area rugs can set the tone for a new room’s color palette or tie together existing color choices by complementing the tones in your artwork, throw pillows and other home accessories.

But area rug selection can go awry in one big way: size. No matter how great the color or print, an area rug that’s the wrong size can make your room look poorly decorated or unfinished. Here are some tips on how to select the perfect-sized area rug for your soon-to-be-perfect room.

Measure Your Space:  Often, we select rugs that are too small out of fear they won’t fit in a room. Measure your space clearly so you know what you’re looking for when you head to the showroom. For example, ideally a 9’x11’ room needs a rug that’s 8’x10’.


Visualize Your Rug:  Move the room’s furniture and lay masking or painters’ tape down to help get an idea of how things will look. This can also help soothe any nervousness that might lead you to buy a too-small rug for the space!

Move It Aside:  If you’re looking for a hallway rug, push all of the hallway furniture up against the wall and measure the space between. You don’t want furniture half on and half off hallway rugs!

Leave Room to Breathe:  The ideal size for your area rug is big enough to feel luxurious, but not crowded. To avoid a sense of crowding, the rule of thumb is to leave between 12 and 18 inches between the edges of your rug and the walls of the room.

Keep All Four on the Floor:  If you’re choosing an area rug for a dining room, the rug must be, at a minimum, large enough for each chair to have all four feet on the rug when comfortably pulled away from the table. This is a good measurement to take at home, before heading to the showroom.

By now, you should be feeling empowered enough to select an area rug that’s big enough for your space. Come into the Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company showroom in Wilmington, NC, where our professionals will be standing at the ready to help you find the perfect area rug in the perfect size.