Here we are, looking toward a New Year and resolutions for 2017. Be honest: How many of you are looking around your homes, thinking about all the ways you’d redesign them if you could?

One of the nicest things about the New Year is all the possibility that comes along with it. Erase last year, start fresh. But what’s in the forecast when it comes to flooring trends? We’ve been keeping our eyes open all fall to stay on top of the new styles — and in 2017, there are four big flooring trends in home and flooring design that we know you’ll want to know about! We’ve organized them by room below:

  1. Foyer: Light, Clean MarbleYou’ll remember marble as a big trend last spring, too, but it’s spreading — from accessories and accents to being the real focal point of the room. Marble is everywhere in 2017: in wallpaper, on tables, on countertops, you name it. The most stylish type of marble is light with warm pastels running through it, ranging from beige to salmon.
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    Flooring inspiration: We recommend faux marble flooring. Faux finishings are huge for 2017, due to their versatility and competitive prices. In particular, luxury vinyl flooring has come a long, long way from its humble beginnings. Most customers can hardly tell the difference.

  2. Home Office: CorkCork is such a versatile, eco-friendly element that we’re surprised it hasn’t already been a major trend these past few years. It’s great for dampening sound, especially in newer, open-plan homes. It’s also stylish, useful, and blends well with other design elements, like stone, glass, and metals.
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    Flooring inspiration: Cork flooring is an obvious choice. It might sound crazy at first, but cork flooring is forgiving, holds temperature well, and is easy on the feet. It’s also great for home with kids—it hurts less if they take a tumble, and it’s scratch-proof, so games and roughhousing won’t affect it.

    Alternatively, if you want to use cork as a major element in the room—say, a feature wall—it pairs perfectly with darker slate flooring.

  3. Kitchen or Bathroom: Terracotta2017 is all about warmth. Cool tones and whites are out; warm, homey tones are in. The key difference from the terracotta you remember from the ’80s is that 2017’s version will have a matte finish. It will be less rustic, more modern—ready for the 21st century. The key is to harken back to that warm, rural feel without dating it.

    Flooring inspiration: Warm, matte tile floors in the kitchen or bathroom are functional, versatile, and easy to clean. The tile can blend in to match other elements in the room or even be the main feature. Check out our tile flooring gallery for some ideas!

  4. Bedroom: Romantic, Cozy, and EarthyThese are the ideal words to describe your 2017 bedroom. Think rich, warm, jewel-tones — reds, burgundies, amethysts, chocolate browns. 2017 is shaping up to be a very earth-friendly year in home design. It’s less clean Scandinavian whites and more hygge — a Danish word that translates roughly to that wintry feeling of coziness and contentment.

    Flooring inspiration: Espresso hardwood flooring or a deep brown, deluxe carpet. It’ll be perfect to ground the room—aim for luxurious, intimate, and romantic.

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