Cheap Carpet or Heavy Wearable Carpet for a Rental Property

Cheap carpet for rental property or heavy wearable carpeting? Which is the best decision for a rental property?

There are different mind sets you can take when deciding on the type of carpet for a rental property.  The best way to weigh out a decision is to look at the total circumstances.  Here are some questions to consider when deciding on cheap carpet or an upgraded one.  Who will most likely rent your property?

Will you allow pets?  If so,  how big?  How long do you think your tenant will stay?  What do Carpet for rental propertyyour competing rental properties look like?  How much demand is there for your type of unit?  Are there a lot of properties currently available for rent?

There are so many variables to consider.  There are a few things to keep in mind when renting a property.

The first  is that you want a decent tenant, one that will not totally tear up your investment and one that will pay their bills.  Secondly, you don’t want your property to sit empty.  It is always better to invest in your property in order to maintain it as opposed to leaving it unoccupied.

We have had clients put off getting the carpet they needed due to not wanting to spend money on their investment only to have the same client come back four months later after losing four months rent to put the needed carpet in.  The loss of rent would have paid for carpet and padding two or three times over.  Now the question of whether to put in cheap carpet or an upgraded carpet.

There are low end rentals that simply need bottom dollar cheap carpet.  Some of the properties near the college may consider some of the cheaper carpets due to the sometimes rough and rowdy lifestyles of a college student.  Sometimes you have to consider your target tenant and your competing rental properties.

You don’t want to put in cheap carpet that does not look good or your property may remain unoccupied due to another property showing better than yours.  Not only could putting too cheap of a carpet hurt your occupancy rate, but it could affect the amount you can charge for the property.  So in some cases putting in cheap carpet make sense, but in others it might pay to put a dollar or two per sq yd into a little better carpet.

You never want to go overboard unless the property pays an exorbitant  amount of money back to you.  If you are weighing out  putting a much nicer upgrade carpet, you need to consider if it will pay you back to do it.  There are some stain proof carpets that are more expensive that sometimes will last a good bit longer with decent treatment.  There are carpets that are more wearable that might last as long as the tenant does not stain it.

We always look for the very best values for our customers. Sometimes we get truck loads of close outs or promotion carpets that don’t really cost much more.  These value carpets are many times the best way to go in the long run as long as you have a somewhat good tenant.  If you need cheap carpet or a nice value upgrade carpet at the absolute lowest price, come see us at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company.

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