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Do Home Improvement Stores Really Have Better Selection On Flooring?

Do Home Improvement Stores Really Have Better Selection On Flooring?

At first glance, when you walk into big box home improvement stores, it feels like there’s a big selection of carpet and flooring choices. But in fact your choices are somewhat limited. Most big box retailers purchase huge lots from 3 major carpet mills. Their approach is […]

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Flooring Sale Every Saturday

We have been buying Truckloads of great deals on all types of flooring.  The problem is that we end up with lots of leftover flooring and it is taking up too much space.  We must clear out the extra floor covering in order to continue to purchase […]

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More than just a flooring outlet

Flooring dealer, Flooring outlet, Best Flooring values, Most professional flooring installation, is that Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company or is there more? Crystal Carpets has been serving Wilmington, N.C. since 1993.  We have been though many years of peaks and valley in the flooring business.  There has […]

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Wilmington N.C. best choice flooring for your needs

There are many places to buy your flooring here in Wilmington, N.C.  There are many marketing ploys out there that will claim value.  We have seen for years where the competition offers something that claims value, but really offer little to help the customer.  We have seen […]

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Wilmington North Carolina’s best choices for water resistant floor covering

Wilmington North Carolina has some low laying areas that can be troublesome to certain types of floor covering.  We serve Wrightsville Beach N.C., Carolina Beach N.C., Figure eight Island, Topsoil Beach N.C., Ocean Isle, N.C.,Oak Island, NC., Cashwell Beach, N.C. and many more coastal areas.  All of […]

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