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Commercial Carpet Tile Flooring deal that knocks your socks off

Commercial Carpet Tiles will pay you divides over the long haul.  One of the best things about the commercial carpet tiles is that if you get a stain or damaged tile, you can just simply pull & set a new one in place. In the past we […]

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Commercial Carpet Tile for half the price

Commercial carpet tile hold many benefits over the regular broadloom commercial carpets.  As a value searching dealer we have decided to stock the commercial carpet tiles for the outlet, due to the outstanding benefits and value it offers.  Some of the value benefits of the commercial carpet […]

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Commercial Carpet Tiles – A great flooring choice for you commercial project

Commercial carpet tiles often times are worth the upgrade and then some.  It seem that most people when looking for a commercial carpet for their place of business, they all seem to gravitate to the standard cheap carpet.  The standard cheap carpet is fine for many flooring […]

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Buying Value Flooring Not Cheap flooring

Many people buy cheap flooring, when what they really want is the best value flooring for the money. We see it often that people will buy cheap flooring and really end up paying more in the long run.  Most people would rather get a great value on […]

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Carpet padding basics

Carpet padding basics are explained in this article. Many people are told that the carpet padding makes the carpet job. The carpet padding is extremely important.  Carpet padding has lots to due with how good your carpeting will wear.  Although carpet padding does not improve the quality […]

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