5 Reasons to Choose Ceramic Floor Tile

You can’t go wrong with ceramic floor tile when you’re looking for a flooring solution that offers beauty, durability and versatility. Here in the Wilmington area, ceramic tile is found in homes large and small, contemporary, modern and traditional. You can create a charming, homey look, a sophisticated, streamlined ambiance or anything in between with ceramic flooring. Ceramic tiles are also found on back splashes, walls, showers and more.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons to choose ceramic tile for your home:

  1. Easy on the budget – Affordable, cost effective, long-lasting and practical, yet beautiful, ceramic tile flooring and back splash/shower decor may even increase your home’s value. Ceramic flooring resists damage from scratches, moisture and is also odor and fade-resistant. Visitors can’t tell if your tile was installed 10 years ago–or yesterday.ceramic floor tiles
  2. Easy on the environment and easy on people with allergies – Ceramic tiles are made of natural and low-emitting materials like clay, sand and glass, including recycled material. Ceramic tiling doesn’t attract dust or dust mites and you may find less dust in the air. Thus ceramic tiles can improve your indoor air quality by reducing dust accumulation and allergy-causing emissions like those that come from certain carpet products. Ceramic tile can reduce home energy use (and utility costs) since it helps keep the home cooler in hot weather and offers some insulation in winter.
  3. Easy to clean and maintain – Just mop and sweep as needed, easily wiping away any spills. Ceramic floors are simple to disinfect which makes them great for kitchens, bathrooms, nurseries and more. Special grout cleaners are available to make intensive cleaning a breeze.
  4. Easy to fix – Although extremely durable, any cracks that may appear are easy to repair by replacing just one or two tiles. Keep a few extra tiles on hand for this purpose.
  5. Easy to blend with your style or create a whole new look – With almost endless style possibilities, create your dream home environment that you’re picturing in your mind’s eye or get inspired by browsing the vast catalog and samples of your local tile expert.

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